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Update on the gang

There was good news with Big Possum last week. He passed his neurological testing! Sad bit is that he still has swelling around his eyes which is affecting his vision. He has come so far since I first met him when he was lying on his side drooling and unresponsive. Now he is prowling the house at night and sleeping during the day, like all good possums. The interesting thing is that while his vision is still poor he has learnt that when he walks on the towel he will find food and his 'hut' is near the towel too. So he is now able to feed himself and puts himself to bed in the morning. Smart Big Possum.

Mr Parker is growing and he is now able to reach the hole in his possum box so he can get in and out as he pleases. Possums grow so fast so it won't be long before he's back home.

The newbie is an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Pippa. Her mum was killed by a car and she's come here to finish her growing too. She is a sweet and gentle girl who would much rather be outside than inside although she is still only small. She worked out where the back door is very quickly so she lets me know when she wants to come in.

As for me, I am collecting my gear for the opening of the duck shoot on the 26th of May. I'll be trying to rescue as many birds as possible. More on that soon...

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