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Since finishing up from work for the time being I have been privileged to care for 7 joeys as well as the usual gang of birds and other critters. I do wish people would slow down on country roads when there is a full moon as the roos move around then.

I am saddened to miss the duck shoot rescue team though due to my inundation of joeys. Last year I was proud to stand with Laurie and others to try to rescue the needlessly gunned down ducks. I see some illegally shot protected birds from this years madness and it makes me quite frustrated and annoyed that this stupidity hasn't been stopped.

Also I missed the first rally against Nike for the Kangaroos are not Shoes in Melbourne. Once again my little guys need me here. Hopefully next year there wont be a need for duck rescue or kangaroo protection.

So much has been written about the poor pets in the flood zones but precious little on the flooding impact to the wildlife. Once again they are the forgotten animals.

Its a sad time for our precious wildlife!

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