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I have just received an amazing gift from W4W. I am touched by their generosity and the thoughtfulness that went into the package, all items will be utilized and gratefully received!

It has been a busy time with wildlife of late, as baby season is. Joeys, and more joeys, baby birds and even a bat found in a swimming pool. Unfortunately not all are good for release and those who aren't are humanely euthanised.

I am also pleased to announce I have won the Federation University Gold Award for citizenship with my work for wildlife. This is quite special for me as it is nice to be recognised as a wildlife volunteer. Especially as I have had to take joeys to class from time to time in the absence of a 'baby sitter'.

Snake season is amping up too and I have had a few calls aleady. It is really interesting to see how people react to a snake encounter.

Time to start feeding my gang...

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