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For snake bite call... 000

Wimmera Snake Handler
ABN: 83739610426 

Authority Number: 14915369CX

Why Snake Handling?

I believe all wildlife should be given a second chance, including snakes.

I was one of those people with the attitude that "the only good snake is a dead snake". I have since had that attitude challenged and am proud to say that good advice and education has enabled me to take on snake handling with the calm and caring manner that I offer to all wildlife and the opportunity for a second chance at life.

Why Snakes are Important

Snakes play a very important role in our ecosystem by keeping mice numbers under control, they are also food for other animals such as birds of prey. They are all part of the web of life. All snakes that are caught will be relocated away from the capture location, away from people, to continue safely on their way.

Services and Prices

Please note prices will increase slightly as of September 2022 in line with the current cost of living increases...sorry!

  • Site inspections

  • Consultation

  • Community Education

  • Toolbox meetings

  • (All prices TBA)

  • Snake removal and release

  • 100% of proceeds go to the Wildlife Shelter


Removal prices (2022)

7am - 6pm

Dimboola and Nhill $75 inclusive

Horsham, Jeparit and Warracknabeal $85 inc.

Other areas TBA including time, travel

6pm- midnight

Dimboola and Nhill $95 inc.

Horsham, Jeparit and Warracknabeal $100 inc

Other areas TBA including time, travel

Midnight - 7am

Dimboola and Nhill $180

Horsham, Jeparit and Warracknabeal $220

Other areas TBA including time, travel

Payment by Paypal or cash preferred. Please see Keep in Touch page for details. Thank You!

What you need to know

More people are stung by bees in Australia than are bitten by snakes. Snake bites usually occur when people are trying to catch, injure or kill snakes.

Stay safe around snakes by leaving them alone.

If you have a snake in the home, contain it in a room, place towels around any escape routes, leave it alone until a snake handler arrives.

If you have a snake in the yard, remove children and pets. Leave it alone, it may just be passing through. If you want it removed, you need to safely keep an eye on the snake until the snake handler arrives.

To help prevent snakes from visiting your yards, keep litter, tin, wood piles, construction materials etc away from the proximity of the home. Keep bodies of water to a minimum. Snakes may just pass through. Reducing hiding places reduces the chances of snakes moving in.

  • In the event of snake bite call 000.

  • Wrap a pressure bandage over the entire limb that is affected.

  • Don't disturb the wound other than by bandaging

  • Remain immobilized until emergency services arrive

  • Never try to kill the snake, the chances of another bite is highly possible

  • You don't need to take the snake to medical providers for identification


In Victoria ALL snakes are protected. It is illegal to kill snakes. Leave the removal of snakes to a trained handler for the safety of the snake and people around it!

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