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My Vision

I believe in a world where the lives of all animals are respected, and they are free from cruelty and suffering. My work includes wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release of our beautiful wildlife in order to allow them to be free once again.


Charlotte, Flying Fox

Proudly associated with
Nhill and Districts wildlife shelter,
Grampians Wildlife Fund Inc (President),
Wildlife Victoria,



Southern Bent Wing Bat

About Me

I am passionate about our unique wildlife and wish to offer the very best care I can to the animals in my care.


I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture/Animal Nutrition), and a Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science. I hold a certificate 4 in Captive Animal Management. I am currently studying for a Masters in Shelter Medicine and Wildlife Forensic Science. I have worked as a veterinary nurse, studied Raptor rehabilitation in the UK and Shelter housing and management in Texas, USA.


I am president of the Grampians Wildlife Carers Fund, member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Birdlife Australia (Raptors), Australian Wildlife Society,

Wildlife Health Australia, Vets Beyond Borders

Stacy Whitehorse




Respond to rescue requests of all kinds from road accident victims and orphans to burns victims and everything in between


Animals housed safely in species specific enclosures with plasticised mesh, weather protection and all exceed minimum standards

Stacy and Friend

IMG_2323 - Copy.JPG

Initial assessment of wildlife issues, veterinary care and rehabilitation in purpose built enclosures that enable recovery and pre-release fitness


Species specific diets ranging from emergency nutrition, rehabilitation nutrition, joey formulas and pre-release diets

Choc Wedge, Wedge Tailed Eagle


Blossom, Brushtail Possum


24 hour supervision of critical patients with access to humidicrib if required or in hospital care

Caring for all orphaned, injured or unwell wildlife. Macropods, monotremes, possums, reptiles, birds and bats

Release as close as possible to the animals home range if possible. Pre-release fitness tests conducted and pre-release vet check

Snake Handling
Rescue and relocation of all reptiles including venomous snake capture and release.
Couple of Kangaroos

About the centre


Daisy, Major Mitchell Cockatoo


Joanna, Lace Monitor

Situated just off the Western highway in the little town of Gerang Gerung, half way between Nhill and Dimboola, the Gerang Gerung Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation centre was established to care for orphaned, injured and unwell wildlife. Enclosures were constructed to house raptors, water birds and bats, cockatoos, parrots and possums. There is also a spot for reptiles. A 20' caravan serves as the initial assessment site for incoming wildlife where first aid can be administered and animals can recover in a quiet and sheltered environment. As rehabilitation progresses the patients can then be transferred to species specific enclosures.

The Rescue and Rehabilitation centre was established with release in mind however during the rehabilitation process careful attention and importance is placed on dietary requirements and behavioural enrichment. The opportunity to express natural behaviour is very important during rehabilitation. This can be achieved in the extra large enclosures and species specific enrichment strategies.

Animal suffering is one of the biggest issues affecting our society today. From climate change to animal cruelty and casualties our hands are full with local challenges. Gerang Gerung Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation centre is all about making a difference, day after day, 365 days a year. Since opening, the centre has been dedicated to improving the lives of native animals across the Wimmera. I believe that it is every human beings responsibility to take care of the creatures around us, big or small.

Above all else, at the Gerang Gerung Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation centre the focus is on saving and rehabilitating  wildlife in care and their eventual release. This commitment can be found in everything I do - from advocacy and education to rescue, rehabilitation and release.

The raptor house

Echidna vet checked  and ready to go home



9 Angle Road, GERANG GERUNG Vic

Tel:  0418 851 112

Payment for snake handling

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All donations very much appreciated!


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Emergency Calls 24/7

0418 851 112


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